What is The History of Hair Accessories?

Hair AccessoriesThe start of using hair accessories could be traced back to as far as ancient civilizations and were just improve over the years; improved in a sense that they were made easier to use in a more handy fashion.  The early women of Egypt were known to fix their hair for ceremonial occasions by adorning their locks with gold ornaments or ivory pins. Jewelled tiaras are what the women of Greece donned while Romans tended to follow the Greeks. The Muslim community, being very conservative hid their hair in turbans or veils.

Chinese women braided their hair or wound their mane in knots at the nape. The 16th century ushered in the style of Queen Elizabeth where women copied her red wigs.  The wigs became more elaborate during the 18th century but Victorian ladies were more into subdued styles.

The 1920s had women abandoning the more constrained style of Victorian women and glamour has never been given more emphasis come the 1950s after the war. By the 1960s when women started to move into the workplace, hair accessories became more and more popular as the need to look the sophisticated female in what used to be a man’s world became more of a must than a mere trend.

Today, hair accessories have improved so much that any given time of the day, a woman can choose to don one regardless of her outfit or status in life.

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